Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Updated Book Review: Unseen

Updated review from Nov. 2010

I was sent the book Unseen (formerly called Blind Sight) by James Pence to read.  James Pence has authored 3 novels and also has a ministry in chalk art.  (You can see one of his chalk art videos here.)


Where is Justine Bishop? And why did she abandon her children?

Thomas Kent is determined to find out. Asked to pick up a "package" at the airport by an old friend he barely remembers, Thomas is shocked when he finds two desperate children looking to him for help. As he’s reluctantly drawn into the murderous plot of a ruthless cult, Thomas is forced to come face-to-face with his own torturous guilt over the tragic loss of his family and faith. Why does the cult so desperately want the kids? Their mother, Justine Bishop, holds the key. He just has to find her . . . or die trying.

My Thoughts:

The book pulls you in from the start.  I know when books are really good because I don't want to put them down until I finished them.  This became one of those books.  The main character, Thomas Kent, is heartbroken almost to the point of being paralyzed after his wife and 2 kids are killed in a car accident.  All of the sudden he is thrust into a deadly situation where he is trying to keep two 10-year old twins alive until he can find their mother.  Oh, and while he's at it, taking down a ruthless, powerful cult that the twins family was ensnared in would be an added bonus.

While reading the book, you get an inside look into a cult - how it got started, how it brainwashes people to believe it's agenda, and what it's endgame is.  It's really pretty terrifying to think this kind of cult could exist in our world.  On the flip side, it's so encouraging to see how God's love and Jesus's gift of salvation could penetrate even the deepest Satanic, cultic influence.  And when more than one Christian band together, they can bring down the giant by using God's strength and guidance.

The action in the novel is very fast-paced.  The whole story takes place over 5 days and has many twist, turns and narrow escapes.  But the theme of Christ drawing people to himself is prevalent throughout the book - both in Thomas Kent's life and in the lives of the twins and their mother.  The book is easy to read and would be a great weekend read for the adventurer in your life.

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