Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my birthday and I'm not too old to tell the world.
I'm 35.
Officially in my mid-30's.
I already got my license renewed, which is good because who knows if that government function would be open today or not.

Anyway, I have a fun day of vegging on the computer, then lunch with Tim, then a massage at 1.  Relaxation.  Of course, that all ends when school gets out because Julie has to go get a filling at the dentist, then David has Cub Scouts and of course, teachers still assign homework.  And, yes, my kids do the homework, but I spend the afternoon going back and forth between kids answering questions, spelling words, reminding them of the homework they have left, saying "No" when they ask to have screen time and generally supervising.  Homework is definitely as much work on the parents as it is on the kids.

As a birthday gift to me, you can indulge me as I show off some recent family photos.

Tim and David are ready to watch Tennessee win in football.

Crazy hair night at church.
She wouldn't let us put it up in a wacky style but allowed a little color.

Of course, she had fun making my hair colorful.

A little color is as wacky as I get.

David's crazy hair.

David's reading spot.  He even reads there when he's not supposed to...
like when he's supposed to be sleeping there.  Anyway, see that big 'ole book?
He's the last family member to read all the Harry Potter books.  (He's on #4.)
Hope you have a wonderful Oct. 1!

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  1. happy birthday to you Cathy! Enjoy that massage :)