Monday, February 17, 2014

Snowstorm Pax

Last week we had an unusual occurrence around here.

We had 7" of snow.  That's a lot for Tennessee.

There are only a few times in my life that I remember getting that much snow.  About 4 years ago, it snowed the last day of school before Christmas break.  On that day, the sky unleashed buckets of snow and we got 6" in about 2 hours.  Before that there was the blizzard of 1993, where we had 12" of snow (and no power for several days) and the blizzard of 1996, which was about the same, 12".

Other than that, we usually get 2" or less.  Usually less.  Not that the weatherman hasn't called for snow in the past.  We just haven't really gotten the snow that they said might come.  This time it came.

I'm thankful for our school system that believed the weatherman this time (I believed him.  My phone said 100% chance of snow.) and dismissed our kids early on Wed.  Not only that, but they told us the night before that they would be dismissing early, which meant we could all prepare and people could get babysitters if they needed to.

Anyway, school got out at 12 and the snow started about 2:30 or so.  It snowed off and on all night and we ended up with 7" and 2 more days out of school.  But they were a fun two days.  The kids played in the snow at our house and played in the snow at my Mom's house.  They watched TV and played video games.  And we watched several movies as a family - the first two Lord of the Rings movies and the latest Superman movie.

While a few days off are fun, I have to admit that I was ready for them to go back to school this morning.

Because apparently the weather likes to be crazy around here, we will have temperatures in the 50's and 60's this week.  It's likely to snow the week after just because that's how it's been all winter.  Cold and snowy one week, abnormally high temps the next.  It just needs to make up it's mind and become Spring already.

I'll leave you with some pictures of my snowy yard and my snowy kids.

David sledding

Julie measuring the snow.

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