Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another someone has a birthday

5 years ago today, my second child, my sweet, snuggly little boy was born.
Then colic hit and I wondered what happened to that sweet baby.  Fortunately, after about 5 months, my sanity was restored and my happy baby returned once again.  I blinked my eyes and he turned one.
As you can see, cleanliness has never been high on his priority list.  But smiles, laughter and snuggling have been.
At two, if it didn't roll, he wasn't interested.  Apparently, that goes for cake as well.  His focused playing and focused mind showed up this year and his love for snuggling continued.
Three brought preschool and with it a longer attention span.  He learned to love puzzles and games - and still loved snuggling.
Four was the Chuck E Cheese party.  He was dubbed "Smiley" at school and oh, how he loved all the girls!
Now you're 5, my baby boy and growing up fast.  You're going to start Kindergarten soon and I will have to realize that you are just going to keep growing up - never stopping.  But, please, dear one, don't stop snuggling with me just yet.

Happy Birthday, David!  I love you!

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  1. I hope the snuggles never end! Happy Birthday to him!