Thursday, June 17, 2010

Someone has a birthday today!

My beautiful baby girl turns 7 today!

From the moment she was born...
 She captured my heart.
By the time she was 1, we already saw so much of her personality.  Her stubbornness (or determination), her non-conformity to others (who cares if every other baby on the planet is trying to walk, the floor is just fine for me), and her independence.
She breezed through the "terrible twos" (and actually ate her cake that year).
Then she hit the horrible threes - maybe the "defiant, independent threes" would be a better name.  But still so cute through it all.
Four was a fun year - preschool, children's choir, dance - and lots of smiles.
Five brought Kindergarten, learning to read, loosing teeth and a wonderfully active imagination.
Six has been first grade - new teacher, new friends and a little girl who is growing up too fast.
Happy 7th Birthday, Julie!  I love you!!

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  1. Happy Birthday, precious girl! I hope your day is magical!


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