Friday, September 17, 2010

Buried with Christ

Last month, we got to have a truly wonderful experience.  We got to witness our child get baptized. 

As a 5 year old Julie asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior.  I know a lot of people make these professions as a child and later in life wonder if it was real.  With her, I don't wonder.  She doesn't make hasty decisions.  I was there with her when she prayed.  And I truly believe that she was sincere and is a born-again Christian now.

At our church, most people get baptized as soon as they become Christians.  My child is different.  As I said, she doesn't make hasty decisions.  It took 2 years of thinking about it, watching others get baptized and learning what baptism means before she made the decision to "go public" and be baptized.

We are so proud of her and so thrilled to see her up there.  She was a little tenative at first until she discovered the that water was warm, like a bath.  After that she was OK.  And when it was all over, she had the biggest smile on her face.

All ready to go.
Presenting her to the church.
Asking her "What confession do you bring to these waters?"
"Buried with Christ..."
"Raised to walk in newness of life."
All done and super excited!

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  1. that's awesome, thanks for sharing!


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