Monday, December 13, 2010

My first Vlog

As happens every Christmas season, things get super busy.  Christmas programs, parties and gifts take center stage.  Sometimes it takes something like a snow day to get us to slow down.  Today was such a day.  It gave me time to upload some videos from my new Flip HD camera.  I ordered this on Black Friday and just got it this week.  So I thought it would be a treat to show you some of the first videos taken with this (and highlight my kids at the same time).

Last night, amid the snow and slush coming down, our church had it's children's Christmas program.  Here are some videos from this.  The first one is the 4-5 year old choir.  David is the little wiseman on the front with a green robe and a crown (as a bonus, you'll hear one of our choir moms singing "Silent Night" in German).

Since he's so cute, they decided to let him have a mic twice!!  Here he is again (I'm new at the video thing so you'll probably want to fast forward about a minute and a half to get to the singing).

My last video is of the song where Julie had a solo.  She is one at the mic on the left (the last of the 4 soloists).

Hope you enjoyed my first vlog post.  I hope to have more of those in the future.

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  1. Fun videos, thanks for sharing!
    Have a Merry Christmas!


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