Friday, July 29, 2011

Going Crazy Here

It's that time again.
The time of summer when everyone starts to go crazy.

The kids fight non-stop but cry when they are apart from each other.
The mommy starts pulling her hair out because said children are fighting/crying.

The heat is unbearable.  No one can stay outside for long.
It's too hot to cook, too hot to do laundry and too hot to play.

So what's the solution??????


Yes, in this house, we (especially me) are ready for school to start!
Ready to give these bored kids something to do, ready to stop our brains from turning into mush, ready to let someone else tell our kids what to do all day.

Now, normally, our county would be starting school a week from Monday, but the schedule was changed this year and we don't start until August 15. 

That's over 2 whole weeks away!!

2 weeks to whine, complain, fight and drive each other crazy.

This could be a long 2 weeks.

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