Monday, August 1, 2011

Guess who's going to a Women of Faith Conference?

Well, guess it's not too hard to figure out the answer to that one, is it?

It's me!!!

As a member of Booksneeze (see that nice button on my sidebar?), I have been given the opportunity to attend a Women of Faith conference ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!


It's been about 10 years since I've been to a women's conference and I've never been to a Women of Faith conference. 

I will be attending the Charlotte, NC conference on Sept 23-24.

To grow us in our faith, we have these wonderful speakers:
Sheila Walsh
Luci Swindoll
Lisa Harper
Ken Davis (Christian comedian)

To lead us in worship we have these wonderful singers:
Mary, Mary (You have to click on this link and check out the eyelashes)
Natalie Grant (I love Natalie Grant!)

Drama by:
Nicole Johnson

And last but not least, our special guests:
Henry Cloud
Karen Kingsbury (one of my favorite authors)

Check out this preview video:

I'd love to hear if you are going to any fun conferences this year. And if you are going to be at the Women of Faith event in Charlotte, let me know and we can meet up.

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