Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Recap

How was your Thanksgiving week?

My family had the whole week off!
No school...
No work...
No evening activities...

It was very,VERY nice.

We enjoyed playing games (a little TurkeyFoot dominoes at Thanksgiving, anyone?), watching videos, going to see the Muppets movie in the theater (very cute!) and spending lots of good, quality time with extended family.

Oh, yeah, we did a little Black Friday shopping too ;).
I will admit, we were some of those crazy people waiting outside Target in the cold for an hour until it opened at midnight.  Did I mention it was cold????  As in 27 degrees cold!

But, it was worth it.  Target was so organized and calm.  There was no pushing, no mad or mean people.  And there were TONS of helpful sales people - yes, even at midnight on Black Friday.  And, best of all, we got everything on our list.  I can't tell you what we got on here because it might involve Christmas presents for family members and those family members just might be reading this.  Don't worry, you'll like it ;).

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend as well.  Now we can all go full swing into Christmas,

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