Friday, July 19, 2013

Sleepover Schmeepover

Last week Julie had her annual sleepover with her friends.  

I remember sleepovers from when I was a girl. 

They were great!  We had pizza and popcorn while we watched a movie.  Later we would set up all our sleeping bags and giggle while we talked and had pillow fights.  We stayed up late and slept in late.  It was fun, relaxing, and casual – really just a time of great memories.

At least that’s what I remember.

Guess what sleepovers are now? Stressful!! I have to make sure Tim can get the pizza since I can’t leave with extra children here. 

Then I have to pick an age appropriate movie that is still one that appeals to everyone.  Not all parents let their kids watch Star Wars and Spiderman.  In fact, not all little girls like sci-fi or superhero movies.  Go figure. 

Then I have to make sure the living room, kitchen, den and bathrooms are cleaned (I wouldn’t want anyone to go home and tell their mothers how cluttered and dirty Julie’s house is – the horror!). 

Instead of pillow fights, it’s silly string, which means I have to convince daddy that… Yes, it is OK to have silly string all over the yard.  No, it won’t kill the grass.  Yes, the rain will wash it away.

Then Tim and I have to stay mainly in our room for the evening instead of hanging out in the den like usual, because no one wants their mom there all the time.  But then I wonder… What if someone needs something?

Cutting the birthday cheesecake
How often should I go check on them?  Should I let David watch the movie with them or is that cramping their style?  Maybe I should have had him spend the night with Grandma…

In the morning, I never know when to fix breakfast, or how much to fix.  Do I let them just eat cereal or do I go all out with bacon and eggs?  What do I do if they don’t like my cooking – force them to eat it or just find them something else to eat?

And then the sleepover is done and I wonder why I am so exhausted.  I’m not the one who stayed up late. 
I’m just the one who did all the worrying…

Why in the world did I do all the worrying? 

So I decided to ask my mom what my childhood sleepovers were like for her.  Surely these fun events were a piece of cake for my mom.  I mean, she let me have a lot of them and she wouldn't have done that if they stressed her out, right?

No sooner was the question out of my mouth, "Mom, what were my childhood sleepovers like for you?"  Then the answer came, "Stressful!! Very stressful!"  Aha!  It's not just me.  So for all those times that I had tons of little girls taking over our house, Mom, I'm very sorry to have caused you stress.  Maybe one day when my daughter is grown with a daughter of her own, I'll hear those same words from her mouth.  Maybe...

What about you?  Are sleepovers stressful to you or are they fun?  Got any great advice for me on how to handle sleepovers?

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