Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Guest Blogger Returns

I realized that I haven't posted a new hairdo for a while, so I'm bringing these 2 out of my archives.  Remember my guest blogger?  Well, she's back - sort of.

These 2 hairstyles were designed by Julie but were not done on my hair like before.  Instead she told me how she wanted me to do her hair and I did it.  Here's the first one:

Big Knot:

1) I was instructed to make 3 ponytails on the top of her head, but the last time looping around not to pull the hair all the way through.  That made 3 loops in her hair.

2) Then take the rest of the hair and put it in a high ponytail.

3)  Take the ponytail and thread it through all three loops in a circle.  Secure with a bobby pin.  (See picture below too.)

The loops pulled tight.

4)  Tuck the ends of the original 3 loops under and secure them with bobby pins as well.

The final look:

Braided Flip:

1)  Part the hair in the middle, then part down to the ears.  You'll have 2 sections on top.  Pull those up temporarily.

2)  Put the rest of the hair in a semi-loose ponytail.  Stick your finger up through the ponytail in the middle of the hair.

3)  Flip the ponytail through itself (using your finger as a guide).

4)  French braid each of the top sections and secure with a rubber band.

5)  Tuck the braids down in the ponytail.

The final look:

These were both thought up and designed by Julie.  Be sure to tell her what good ideas she had.

P.S. The second style held up much better than the first.  The first fell out before the end of the day.

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  1. Those are adorable! That's so great that she likes to have her hair done. I can't believe she told you how to do it. She's very creative and you must follow instructions well!

  2. Cool 'dos! I like the 2nd one best....not that you asked.

  3. looks like a lot of work!

    Just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope sometime you'll do the same.

  4. I am bookmarking this! I love a good hairstyle for my 3 year old!