Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hug your child today

I just wanted to write a quick post today and remind you to hug your child, spouse, anyone you love today.

Recently in our area a mother of 9 was killed in a car wreck.  Her 18 year old daughter was driving, they were on the interstate and the daughter just lost control.  Their car hit a tree in the center of the median.  She lost control at the wrong time and in the wrong place.  Any other place and there wouldn't have been a tree there.

I didn't know the mother very well, but we worked out at the same gym and took the same classes there.

Even so, this has hit me kind of hard.  I can't bear the thought of being separated from my own 2 kids by death.  I can't imagine how the 9 she has will survive, especially the daughter that was driving the car.  It justs reminds me to tell my children and my husband that I love them every day, because life is short.

I hope this didn't make you sad, but reminded you of the happiness in your life.

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