Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My hectic, crazy life

Well, here it is again - almost a week since my last post.

That's because I have had a CRAZY, BUSY, HECTIC, LONG week!

For the last 6 nights I have had something I was obligated to do.  Some were fun things - like the TobyMac concert on Saturday - and some were more work - like the VBS training session I led last night.  During the days, I was preparing all our outgrown toys, clothes and books for the huge consignment sale in our town, getting both of our cars repaired and battling a nice little sinus infection.  (I have to admit, I did skip one night's obligation because of the sinus infection.)

In all this craziness, did I learn anything?

Of course!

1)  You can burn up to 700 calories dancing at a concert (or anywhere) for an hour!!  Enough for a nice big snack when you get home.
2)  It takes hours of work to prepare for a consignment sale, but usually the payoff is worth it (I'm preparing a consignment how-to post for later this week).
3)  When your van is in the shop, don't roll down the windows of your husband's car, because they might not roll up again!!
4)  It costs more to fix a window motor than it does to install new brakes in a van - a LOT more!
5)  Having an emergency fund really pays off when both your cars need to be fixed in the same week.
6)  When teaching adults about VBS, don't ask them to scramble around the floor to play the "Let's make a s'more" game, especially if they are older than you - a lot older.
7)  The allergist is much more likely to prescribe an antibiotic over the phone than my regular physician is.

Have a great day and may your day be filled with life's little lessons as well!

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