Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vday hairstyles

Once again, I'm behind in showing you fun stuff.

Oh well :).

Here is the belated fun stuff for today - Valentine's Day hairstyle.  Since Valentine's Day was a Sunday this year, we could go fancier, so I chose the french braid heart.  Find the tutorial here.


Hairstyle #2 - this was just done on a school day and was super easy.  I think the tutorial had 4 flip-under ponies, but I only did three.  The Princess Hairstyles blogger also did more fancy stuff after putting the ribbon in.  I just went for simple that day.  You can find the tutorial here.




  1. My daughter had curly ringlets or I would have done the same thing you're doing! So cute!!!!

    I always wanted one of those barbie doll head things to practice hairstyles on but I never got one!

  2. I love the french braid heart! I've tried braiding my daughters hair but it's so fine it always falls out. It's so cute though I want to try it.


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