Tuesday, September 6, 2011

IKEA: Oh, how I've Missed You

This weekend we decided to come to Charlotte to visit my brother and his family...and IKEA!!

Just for the record, we did not come to Charlotte just to visit IKEA.  Regardless of what my sister-in-law says, we really did come to visit them.  IKEA is just an added perk.

And oh, how I love that perk.

So many ideas...

Alas, I cannot get it all.

Here is what I did get.

 Plastic bag dispenser, one where the bags don't fall out of the bottom.
 Small bench for my small entryway. 
I hope to find a cute cushion for this and us it when putting on shoes.
 A really big mirror (65" long) to put horizontal over our couch.
Now I just have to paint the room so I can put this up.
OK, so my husband can put this up.
Julie braved the store with us, so I decided to buy her a little something.
We actually got this lamp in lime green, but they didn't have that color pictured online.
This is for her new desk.

There you have it my IKEA trip in a nutshell.  The store was insanely crowded since it was a holiday weekend, but it was still fun to go visit.

Have you been to IKEA?  What is your favorite thing to look at there?

Sadly IKEA did not give me any compensation for this post.  I just think it's a neat store.


  1. Can you believe I have never ever been to an IKEA? I know! It's so wrong!

    I'm loving what you got though!

  2. You and my sister would get along famously! She is a huge fan of Ikea and gets nearly everything from there. She even found the most divine fabric from there for some curtains.

    I'm glad to hear that you had a great time with your family too!

    Best wishes and take care,