Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Didn't we forget their birthdays?

So after reading about David's friend party, and our family parties, I'm sure you're thinking...what about their actual birthday?  Don't you celebrate that too? 

Well, never fear, we felt like 3 birthday parties (and a fourth in the future for Julie's friends) weren't enough, so we celebrated on their birthdays too.

Julie's birthday was on a Friday and it was a pretty busy day.  But just before we had to jet off to T-ball, she got to open up her gifts from us.

For the first time ever, I didn't buy any toys for my daughter for her birthday.  It felt very odd.
 She has asked to redo her room into a more grown-up style.
No more High School Musical.
So her first gift was a new quilt and sheet set.
 Then came a bunch of new clothes.
I want my grown-up girl to look nice.
And for the final gift, a new desk.  
Julie has been begging for a new desk for a long time now.
We stored it at my parent's house in plain sight and she never knew it was for her.

(Julie also got an electronic organizer from David.)

David got the privilege of celebrating his birthday at a day camp last week.  He had the opportunity to spend the night that night, but of course, we wanted him home with us to spoil him a little bit.

Luckily I found a good deal on some ribs, so I fixed him one of his favorite dinners - baby back ribs and baked potatoes.  And then it was gift time.  Guess what he got?
 A state quarter collecting book from Julie.

 And lots of Legos, go figure.  Our house is swarming with Legos now.
Multi-tasking - talking with grandma while he assembles the Pirates of the Caribbean mill.

It's fun celebrating the kids' birthdays and its fun giving them presents they enjoy.  We pray they entertain them for many months to come.

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