Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Birthday Parties

If you'll indulge me for a few posts, I'm going to tell about the myriads of parties that my kids have had in June.  And yes, we party straight for, like, 2 weeks.  It may be boring to my readers, but I like to record it all for my sake. 

So, yesterday I posted about David's "friend" party.  Today I'll show you what went down at the family parties.  Yes, I said parties, plural.  We have so much family that I didn't think our house would hold them all at once.  So we did my husband's side of the family one Saturday and my side of the family the next Saturday.  That makes for a lot of birthday cakes, but there are worse problems you could have.

So here's party #1:
 Julie got some clothes, several books to write stories in, 
American girl clothes (for the doll) and a Books-a-million gift card.
 Our nephew, Chase, just learning to walk.
 Guess what David asked for?  Legos and more legos.

Finally - the chance to play with all those Legos.

Party #2:
Party #2 was a party not just for Julie and David, but also for our nephew, Nathan, whose birthday is 6 days before Julie's.  He just turned 3.
 Taking turns opening gifts - Julie got several American Girl accessories, lots of spy gear (I'm amazed my mother found kid's spy gear, but she did), and an as-seen-on-tv organizer.
 You'll never guess what David got?  Yup, more Legos.  He also got a Lego board game, a Mater DVD and a cool wiggly sprinkler.
 Nathan with his wiggly sprinkler.  He's a little quiet with all these people around.
 A cake with 3 sets of candles to be blown out.
Nathan didn't quite get what was going on, so we relit his candles and let him blow them out all by himself.

We love spending time with our family so we had a lot of fun at the parties.  Oh, and we put together a LOT of Lego sets afterwards.


  1. What a lucky guy to have two parties!!!

  2. Hey!! This party sounds fun. Few days ago have arranged my niece’s birthday at one of LA venues. Had a Barbie themed party where had made amazing arrangements. All her friends were invited. She was so happy to have this lovely birthday celebrations.