Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm a Frito Lay fan

Several weeks ago I applied to be in the Frito Lay Fan program.

Because, really, I love Frito Lay chips. 

OK, OK, I know I have to share them. 
So here's the truth, we all love them.

Not only was I accepted, but I was one of the lucky ones who got picked to get a free Frito Lay snack pack in the mail.  My kids eyes just lit up when we opened that box.  In it was:
  • Tostitos Scoops! tortilla chips
  • Tostitos Restaurant Style with a Hint of Lime tortilla chips
  • Lay's Classic potato chips
  • Garden Spinach Dip mix
  • Insulated Frito Lay tote bag
As usual Frito Lay delivered.  Can you say YUMMY!!!

So here's the rundown on our sampler pack.  (By the way, the chip bag in the picture is not one of our free ones.  We ate both out of that bag - dipping strips - and out of our new bags.)
  • Tostitos Scoops! tortilla chips - Always wonderful!  The kids like to eat them plain.  Tim and I prefer them with either salsa or dip.  They were really good with the dip mix that came in our snack pack.
  • Tostitos Restaurant Style with a Hint of Lime tortilla chips - OK, the truth is I really didn't like these.  It really wasn't the lime that I didn't like.  They seemed too salty.  But Tim liked them pretty well.  It was nice to try something new, though.
  • Lay's Classic potato chips - A family favorite.  Once again, the kids eat these plain (by the handfuls).  Tim and I had them with our dip.
  • Garden Spinach Dip mix - Very easy to make.  You just pour the mix into sour cream and stir.  Goes great with chips :).
  • Insulated Frito Lay tote bag - Free bags are always great!!
As your summer begins, make your life easier.  Make your meals easier.  Go buy some Frito Lay chips! 

Want some dip to go with your chips?  Check out these easy recipes: Garden Lime Dip or Mango Salsa Chutney .

Chips, dip and recipes provided complements of Frito Lay.


  1. I've discovered that I absolutely can not be without Rold Gold Pretzels. I have a pretzel tin I keep them near my desk, in my car, wherever I go! LOVE Frito-Lay!

  2. How fun and yummy is this?! I love the smiles on everyone's faces in your photos! I love the Tostito's Hint of Lime Chips. So different and so delicious!