Monday, June 20, 2011

Review: Scar Booster Repair

Way back in April, I got the offer to review anything I liked from Maternitique.  Seeing as I haven't had babies in a while, I didn't think there would be anything that I needed, until....
I saw the Scar Repair Booster Serum.
Remember this post?  About my ER visit and surgery?  It just so happened that I had a nice, recent scar from an incision that very much resembled a C-section scar.  (I actually have 3 scars but only one is nice and big.)

And, with swimsuit season upon us, I was ready to do anything to reduce the appearance of that scar.
So I snatched that puppy up and started applying.

According to the directions, to get maximum results, you are supposed to apply the serum twice a day for 12-14 weeks.  In an effort to retain full disclosure, I need to confess I only used the serum once a day for about 9 weeks.  Anyway, with that in mind, here are my findings.

As the true analytical mind that I am, I couldn't help but think that there's no real way to see if the scar booster repair serum worked unless you have a control group.  Bear with me for a second, I'll explain.  When you do a scientific experiment you leave one group unaltered so you can compare the altered group to it.  So to get myself a control group, I decided to only put the serum on the big 2" scar on the left.  I let the smaller 1/2" scar on the right just heal on it's own.

What I observed was that after 9 weeks both scars look about the same amount healed.  Does that mean the serum didn't work?  I think it means the opposite.  My gut (not any kind of scientific data) tells me that a 2" scar would not heal at the same rate as a 1/2" scar.  But it did.  So I'm convinced.

While using the serum, I noticed a big change immediately after putting it on.  It lightened up right away.  Of course it would get a little darker as the day wore on, then lighten up again after the next application.  The one thing I didn't like was the consistency of the serum.  It was very runny and was kind of like putting olive oil on your skin.  That just made it a little hard to go from bottle to my hand to my skin.  It ran all down my hand.  But I managed to figure out to make it work.

The real question, though, is will I keep using it?  Yes, I will.

(Incidentally, I did take before and after pictures.  However, when you get an ovary taken out, the incision is pretty low and I decided I didn't really want that picture out there on the internet for all to see.  So you will have to just take my word on it.)

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