Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Disney: Downtown Disney

Riddle me this.

What's just as fun as a Disney World park but isn't a Disney World park?
What makes a little boy's eyes light up faster than a bowl of ice cream?

Give up?

Downtown Disney

More specifically, the Lego store at Downtown Disney.
We had to visit it twice just because David loved it so much.

All these things were entirely made of LEGOS!!!!

David loved this store so much, I think he spent half of his money there!  But that's OK.  It was his money and his choice where to spend it.  He loves the minifigures (little Lego men to us non-Lego-talking people) and this store sold a lot of them individually.  Usually you have to buy a big $50 set just to get 1 or 2 little men, but here they had a lot of ways to get them without having to buy the big set.

Also at Downtown Disney: the HUGE Disney toy store, a 12 room Disney store with everything Disney imaginable in it, a Disney Christmas store, clothing stores, and so much more!  We spent several hours there our first day before we checked into our room and we went back on Wednesday, our "rest day."

On Wednesday, we took a boat from our hotel to Downtown Disney. Pretty cool, huh!  We thought so.

And we took time out from our Lego adventures to eat at the famous Rainforest Cafe, where thunderstorms happen every 30 minutes and the animals can get a little restless sometimes.

Fun times!!  David's already saving up his money and looking forward to his next visit to a Lego Store.

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