Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just to prove I did it

Well, week one went without a hitch, according to my 2012 goals.

I (obviously) wrote a blog post - the one about the goals :).

And I did...wait for it...6 scrapbook pages!!!
They are from way back in 2009, so they really needed to be done.
Oddly enough, when I started blogging, I stopped cropping...hmmm, wonder if that's related....

Anyhoo, I'm back at it.  I'm hoping to get the rest of my 2009 album done this month.  I'm up to about August, so, we'll see if it happens.  I'm optimistic :).

Here's the proof:

And I'm already on top of things for this week.  I've done 2 pages so far and hope to do more tonight.

Do you scrapbook?  If so, how far behind are you (please say "a lot" so I feel better)?


  1. What beautiful scrapbook pages! I don't scrapbook but my mom loves it. I enjoy shopping for supplies with her. One of these days I just may start!

  2. I am about a year behind in one scrapbook, a year and a half behind in my journaling scrapbook and have an idea for another book that I have yet to start. I think I also have some pictures and odd details that still need to be fixed in almost all of my other books.

  3. I'm still working on my baby shower. :)