Thursday, February 9, 2012

January Reading List

The two books that were on my January "To Read" list were Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury and Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

In the Above the Line series, Kingsbury tells about two Christian movie producers who have landed a deal to make the number one book in America into a movie.  That book is called Unlocked.  After writing that series, Kingsbury decided to write the book, Unlocked with the same name and the same storyline as in the fictional movie.  I had read the Above the Line series which, of course, made me want to read this book.

In the book, 18 year old Holden Harris is caught in the silent world of autism.  He has not spoken to his parents or anyone else in 15 years.  Ella Reynolds, a senior at Fulton High School in Atlanta, takes it upon herself to use music to "unlock" Holden.

In true Karen Kingsbury fashion, this book was a quick read.  There were great characters and a good ending.  Was it the best Karen Kingsbury book I've ever read?  No, and I doubt it would really have the impact that the fictional Unlocked book has in the Above the Line series.  But I still enjoyed reading it.

Crazy Love was a very convicting book.  Chan spends the whole book dealing with the premise that we should not be doing "good", "Christian" things because we feel obligated to, or because we're scared God will punish us if we don't.  We should be living each day with a crazy, wholehearted love for God.  We love God and the things we do pour out from us because of that love.

I, personally, don't spend much of my day dwelling on how much God loves me or how much I love Him.  But I should.  I do things everyday for my husband and kids because I love them.  Do I want to help with homework every day?  Or figure out, yet again, what to fix for dinner?  No, but I do love my family and these are things I do for them (usually without complaining) because I love them.  The same should be true of God.  The things He wants me to do, I should do willingly, out of love for Him.

This is not a quick read.  Crazy Love is definitely a book that will take a while to digest and think about.  I couldn't read more than half a chapter a day because I needed time to let that settle in before I could read more.  But I do think this is a book worth reading.

Now, it's on to my February books.  Stay tuned.

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