Friday, June 7, 2013

Here's to Summer

Hey everyone!

We have been having a good time this week just relaxing and playing, which is why the posts have been few and far between.

I could have taken the time to write more posts, but instead I was with these guys:

Relaxing -

and swimming -

I was also discovering that my kids love to cut up strawberries and that they want to build a strawberry factory in their grandparents' back yard (that's where the strawberries came from) and cut them up for $3 a batch, but Julie says the price is negotiable.

And I've been cheering the A's on at baseball games:

We have a 15-4-1 record at the moment.  I'd say that's a pretty good record for Little League ball.

And, unfortunately, today I'm taking care of a sick child.  I wish that stomach viruses would occur only in the winter, but, no, most of our worst ones have been summer ones.


Except for the sick part, it's been a really fun week.  Next week day camps start and it will get a little busier for a while.  If I don't post a lot, realize that it's because I've gone from watching kids 5 hours a day (at least 5 waking hours) and having 7 hours of non-kid time a day to watching them 12+ hours a day and having virtually no non-kid time.  So that means a lot less me time and a lot less blog time.

But I'm OK with that.  My number one job is to take care of my kids.  They grow up so fast and there won't be many more summers where they can play all day and where they still want to do some of that playing with me.

So here's to summer, to long, lazy days, to playing baseball and swimming in the lazy river.  Here's to more hours of daylight, and sleeping in, to popsicles and ice cream and dinners on the grill.

I'm ready to enjoy it!  How about you?

(Money Saving Mom has a great post on why it's OK to break the blogging rules.  It's a great read and goes right along with this post.)


  1. sounds like your summer is off to a good start (except for the stomache bug). Where is the lazy river?

    1. Kingsport just opened up a new aquatic center. It is connected to the Y and everyone with a Y membership (that would be us) gets to use the new pools for free! It's really an awesome new aquatic center.