Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birthdays and Baseball

We so enjoy all the summertime fun of this time of year.  Last weekend was no exception.

We started off the day Saturday with a little playoff baseball.  David's team, the A's, have had an exceptional season.  They have won 18 games and only lost 4.  Now, I love my son and I think he tries hard at all he does, but we did not win those 18 games because of David.  He was an good player, hitting some, and striking out some.  His throwing arm really improved over the course of the season.  But I will honestly say that he is the cutest little player out on the field.


Last week, his league had their end of year playoff tournament.  It was double elimination and as of Saturday, we hadn't lost.  So 11:30 rolls around and we are playing the only other team left in the tournament, the Yankees.  Fingers were crossed that we would win that game and be league champs without ever facing defeat.  But, no, that didn't happen.  We lost that game.  Since it was our first loss, we had to turn right around and play the same team again.  And...we won!!  Coach pitch champs!!  Good job, A's!!

While we were ecstatic that we won, playing 2 games meant we were at the ball field for 3 hours.  We were tired.  I was hungry because there were no gluten free options at the concession stand so I didn't have lunch. And we still had a birthday party to throw.

Yes, you heard that right.  My baby boy was having a birthday!!  And every good birthday calls for a good birthday party.

This year David chose to have his party at the bowling alley.  Bowling parties really are easy.  I just pay the money and the bowling entertains the kids.

A big cousin hug
It's bowling time!
Then Sunday rolled around and it was David's actual birthday.  He was up early and super excited all day.  After church, we let him decide where to eat and he chose "that place with the unsliceably soft rolls", i.e. O'Charley's.  He got lots of those yummy rolls (sigh, the ones I can't eat anymore) and a free piece of birthday pie.  After coming home and opening his gifts, I played with him and his new toys all afternoon.

Overall, I'd say it was a pretty good 8th birthday weekend for my growing boy.  

Happy birthday to my snuggly, loving, smiley little boy.

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