Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boys will be boys

We've just been educated on another "little boy" lesson.  If you have a son and he likes to play outside and there is wood anywhere remotely near where he likes to play, check his hands for splinters nightly.  We happened to see a splinter in his palm last night right before bed.  He said "I got that at Grandma's."  ON SATURDAY!!  He had that splinter in there for 2 days and never told anyone.  Then as we are looking at it, we notice another splinter in the crease of his pinky finger.

So I get the splinter removing tools (tweezers and needle - sterilized of course).

And as David is crying and covering up his hand so I can't get to it, I see yet a third splinter, this time right below his nail in the opposite hand.  So, of course, I take his little hands and look all over to see if there are any more.  There aren't... but, OH, MY!!!  Three splinters to remove from the little guys hands!!

Needless to say, it was quite a traumatic experience.  I'm the official Splinter-getter-outer at our house.  Tim held him and comforted him while I did the nitty gritty stuff.  I'm pretty sure I got them all out.  I really hope so because he won't let me even look at his hands today :).

And I wouldn't let him play near any wood today.

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  1. 3 splinters! Wow! I'm going to check my little guys hands right now!

  2. My husband is the splinter getting in our house. He's the medic. I don't have the stomach for anything related to injury or sickness. Even my 8 year old knows he has to clean up the barf, or I'll be throwing up too.

    Anyway, all three children carry on as if he's ripping their legs off when he gets splinters (or ticks) and YET all three of them are soccer goalies and lay themselves out for that ball. My daughter played an entire quarter after a bee sting without telling anyone until she came off the field. I don't get it.

  3. I've never thought of that. Thanks for posting it, I will keep on the look out for them. I can't believe he wasn't complaining about them.


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