Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A few little projects

I had a little spurt of energy today so I worked on a few projects that had been neglected (hey, I can procrastinate with the best of them :)).

Here's the first:

Child's art gallery

I started with these 5 mismatched frames.  They were ones I had in a drawer that I'm not using anymore.

I spray primed (if that's a term) them and then spray painted them white so they would all match.

Take some awesome artwork that your kids created (let's face it, we can't keep it ALL), put the glass from the frame over the best, most artistic part and trace.

If you can't tell, this is the art with a rectangle traced on it.  Then you just cut it out. (OK, this is a very simple tutorial.  Sorry it's not more cool. :))

Then stick it in the frame.

I wanted everyone to know who created the beautiful art, so I used sticker letters right on the glass.  I know vinyl is the cool thing to use, but I don't have any or any way to cut any.  I have sticker letters, so I just used those.

I put the gallery up in my kitchen over the paper roll thing so they can be inspired to create more great art. (By the way, I started with 5 frames, but then realized I have to have even number of art pieces for each child or fighting would ensue.  So for now, there are 4.  If I can catch a great picture of them doing a project together, I might put that up there in the 5th frame.

Sneak Peek of our bedroom redone

As you know I painted my room several weeks back.  I still have to buy some more paint and touch up one wall, so I'm not going to show you the whole thing yet.  But I have gotten some things on the wall and I LOVE them.  My wonderful sister-in-law, Desha (doesn't she have a cool name), gave me some leftover vinyl that she got from IKEA.  This is now what I see when I walk down the hallway.

See my green walls and my black vinyl?  Like it?

I put that other little guy around the corner there.  I like him too.  (Although my 4 yr old is VERY concerned that there isn't a stem.)

This is our window wall.  The decorations are exactly the same as they were before I painted the walls, but they look so much better on green walls.

Same kind of thing over hubby's dresser.  But the globe is new.  I found it on clearance at Target for $6!!

Old maroon curtains with new green walls.  So that's our room so far.


  1. I love everything you did so far, especially the art gallery!

  2. Cathy, I didn't realise you have been sick! I hope you are better now!
    Your frames look so wonderful and the kids must be very proud of their work being so beautifully displayed.
    Love the green on the walls too. Boy, you have been a busy thing!
    Best wishes and stay healthy!

  3. I've lived in my house for over ten years and I still haven't decorated my room. You're the second blog this week which has given a tip on displaying children's art work. I wonder if it is a sign.

  4. Wow! Who made that awesome quilt peeking out of the corner of the picture! Good job on finally painting your room. Welcome to the world of color!

  5. I love the green! I can't wait to see it in person. Did you do the frames this week? I love them!

  6. Really like your children's art gallery and I bet they feel pretty special to have their art framed and displayed! The IKEA vinyl is a fun touch too - I've always really like those. Hope you have fun shopping on Black Friday! :-)

    pk @ Room Remix

  7. Love it! IKEA rocks, I have to say that first. The art gallery really looks nice! I'm definitely going to have to try that!

  8. How cute is the framed artwork!


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