Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Hair Beauties

We had such a fun day yesterday ... and tiring, apparently.

My 5-yr old niece came over Friday night to spend the night and stay and play all day yesterday.  It was better than a babysitter!!  Her and Julie played SO well all day!  We kept David busy doing boy things like helping Daddy in the garage so that the girls could play girl things like school, babies, and ice cream shop (where apparently a banana split is several hundred dollars because it uses special extra milk ice cream).  When it was time to get ready for Halloween, we played hair salon and became princess Belle and Sharpay.  All the hair ideas I used came from here.

Hair Model #1

Start by separating out hair all around the head, then put the middle section in a ponytail.

Take the outside hair and put it in little ponytails all the way around.  Separate the ponytails into 2 sections.

(Sorry for the blurry pictures.)  Take the right piece from one ponytail and twist it with the left piece of the next ponytail.  I used a bobby pin to temporarily secure each twist down close to the ponytail.  When I got around towards the bottom, the ponytail were too little to combine with another one, so I just twisted the 2 pieces from the same ponytail with each other.

After I did all the twists, I put a rubber band around the ponytails with the twists, then took out the bobby pins.  Here's what it looks like with all the twists.

I took a piece out of the ponytail and wrapped it around the rubber band to hide it.  I secured it with a rubber band underneath the ponytail.  Then I curled the ponytail. And of course, we added the crown to make her into a real princess.  Here's the final product.

Hair Model #2

Separate the hair into 3 sections.  Do an inside out french braid in the inside section.  Then starting at the top make little ponytails in the outside 2 sections.  I didn't get good pictures of this, but cross the right pony over to the left side and add it to hair on that side to make another pony.  Keep doing that all the way down on both sides.

Here's what it looks like after that.  I also curled her ponytail a little bit.

We went without the wig to show off her hair.  And, it had rained all day, so we chose the tennis shoes instead of the heels.  So here is our little Sharpay ready to go get some candy.

And we can't forget the dragon ...

Or his tail.

Hope you had a safe and fun Halloween.


  1. Great pics of Kaylie's hair. It looked much better before she slept on it (not that it looked bad after but it was starting to fall) and Julie's hair is totally cool.

  2. Oh, I forgot. That is one mean scary dragon.

  3. Can you come over to my house and fix Faith's hair? Neither one of us are very good a being girls. We both grew up only girls with lots of brothers, uncles and male cousins.

    She has beautiful strawberry blond and long hair, which she'll only wear straight and long...ever since she was an infant. (Not the long part, but not letting anything be in her hair.)

  4. OH my! How long did it take you to fix their hair! They look beautiful!

  5. That is so much fun!!!! I love how you did all those hairstyles. I think I could do that for hours.

  6. Found your blog through a mutual blog we follow, and just had to say...

    Love the hairdos! Now, if only I could get my daughter to sit still long enough to try them out (well, that and grow some hair!).


  7. Those hairdos are too cute. I can't believe they sit still long enough for you to do their hair like that. I'm sure they are motivated by all the wonderful compliments they must recieve. Very cool.

    Glad you had a fun Halloween.