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If you have known me for very long, you know that I LOVE saving money.  My new hobby since December has been using coupons in stores and spending less on my family's grocery and personal care expenses.  So, when I find a new website to help me save money online as well, I jump all over it. 

That is exactly what does.  

Recently CouponChief invited me to peruse their vast supply of coupons.  After checking out their website, I was impressed that CouponChief is so user-focused.

Here's how it works:
  • Shop online and find exactly what you want to buy.  Add it to your online shopping cart.  
  • STOP - before you click that "Purchase" button, visit .  Search by store and CouponChief will bring up every coupon code it has for that website.  You can see if that coupon has worked for others or not.  You can also see when the coupon expires.
  • Click on the "Use it" button and see the savings add up!
After your purchase, go back to CouponChief and put your own feedback in about the coupon.  Tell others if it worked for you or leave a comment on the particular coupon you used to let others know specific information about it.

Got a coupon code to share with others?  It pays 2 share on CouponChief.  Once you sign up with the Pays-2-Share program, and start entering coupon codes, you can earn real live money just for sharing your coupon good fortune with others.  Every time someone uses a code you submitted, you get 2% of the sales in cold hard cash (really it's a check or paypal, but it translates to cash).

So what did I think of the website?  Well, I did a little experiment.  I went to a competitor's site and looked for Victoria's Secret coupon codes.  Then I did the same for CouponChief.  The competitor found 30 coupon codes, divided into 5 active codes and 25 unreliable codes.  Out of those 30, I only found one code that CouponChief didn't have.  CouponChief found 43 codes.  Of those, 5 had users comment that they didn't work.  I can't guarantee that all the other codes work, but that seems like better odds to me.  Out of those 43, there were a bunch that the competitor didn't have. 

I also like the Pays-2-Share feature of CouponChief.  As of right now, I haven't signed up for an account, but I probably will.  It makes sense to me that if I find a coupon code, I could at least try to share it with others.  And why not make some money off of it while I'm at it.  To be fair, the competitor has a place to share coupon codes as well.  However, as far as I can tell, they will not pay you for others using the code like CouponChief does.

I will definitely be adding CouponChief to my online shopping regimen.  In truth, I will probably check several different sites for coupon codes, including CouponChief.  But if I find a code to share, I'm going to share it at CouponChief, then tell everyone to go there and use my code and get some money :).

Other CouponChief features:
  • Set up email alerts for coupons from your favorite retailers.
  • Track your browsing history.
  • Add CouponChief widget to your blog or website to earn money
(All above features are available after signing up for a free account.)

So what are you waiting for?  Go see How It Works and start saving money NOW with

Please see my "Compensation Policy" section for more information.  These opinions are entirely mine and yours may differ.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful program. I constantly clip coupons but always forget to use them. It drives me crazy.

  2. Coupon Chief sounds awesome! I'll make sure to check this out.

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