Sunday, April 18, 2010

Note to all mothers:

When your 4-year old son says his shoes are in the car (while getting ready to go to church), don't blindly believe him.  Because when you get to church, you just might discover that his shoes are really NOT in the car.  Then he just may have to wear his cousin's pink princess tennis shoes while at church.  And he just might get made fun of and could possibly be scarred for life.

So, hypothetically, if that ever happens, make sure you check to see if his shoes are really in the car.


  1. Wish I'd seen him! Ahhh, motherhood. Good stuff, huh? :-)

  2. That's pretty funny. I can't believe he let you put them on him! Hopefully he wasn't too argumentative about it.

  3. I fiercely protected said 4 yr old that night and said about 15 times "We will not tease David about his shoes any more." I was just worried he would break his neck during duck-duck-goose.


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