Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Yellow River game ranch

Day 2 of our Spring Break trip started out a little chilly.  We decided to be lazy and make a slow start to the day.  At lunch it had warmed up a little so we (meaning me and my friend in Atlanta that we were staying with) packed a lunch and had a picnic in the park.
Notice the coats - yes, Hotlanta was actually a bit cold!  I was very surprised.  Poor David.  I didn't bring a coat for him (thought it was going to be hot).  So he is wearing one of his friend there in the middle's coats.  It's not TOO girly, just a few ruffles. 

Then we went on to the game ranch to "feed the animals."  What we didn't realize was that the animals had already been fed all day and all day the day before and those animals really weren't hungry by 1 PM.  So only a few of them ate.
The deer and chickens just roamed around freely, so we were always trying to feed them.  But usually the squirrels came and got the peanuts instead.
There were beautiful peacocks just laying around - literally.  Look how long those feathers are.  We could never get him to put them up.  They were some lazy animals there!
Big 'ole turkeys who are lucky that they are in a cage and not out being made into Thanksgiving dinner.  They were huge!!
Yay!!  Finally an animal who will eat something.  The donkey likes carrots and Julie was brave enough to feed it.  David?  Not so much.
Don't let the picture fool you.  As soon as that goat got close David jumped back.  He really didn't want it to eat out of his hand.
Who knew that pigs like graham crackers?
Finally, an animal that David would actually feed.  It's shorter than him so he was less intimidated by it.  And being a pig and all, I think it would have eaten anything.  But it did like those graham crackers.
So this close, brave and maybe overly so, deer?  We got close enough to pet it!  I petted a real deer - like the kind that come into my yard in the morning and eat my flowers but run away when the kids run down the hall.  One of those.  It was pretty cool.  Julie petted it too, but David was too scared.

Over all a fun day, but I think it would have been better if we had gotten there earlier in the day when the animals were a little hungrier.  Julie gets to go on a field trip in May to a game ranch around here.  We'll have to see how it compares for her.

Hope you are having a great week.  If you know of any fun places in the southeast to visit (GA, NC, SC, TN, VA), let me know.  We're always looking for fun day trips to take.

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  1. When I went to Atlanta in January, it wasn't just chilly--it was downright freezing cold. I guess Hotlanta isn't too hot yet this year. =]