Friday, August 13, 2010

Curls Gone Wild

Guess what we discovered?


We started with very straight hair (as we do every day).

We added some Curlformers - in cool pink and orange.

The curlers were surprisingly easy to put in.  You put them in while the hair is still damp.  It says to dry them before you sleep in them, but we were running short on time before bed, so we didn't dry them at night.  Instead I dried them a little in the morning before I took them out.  Worked out perfectly.  And we got this:

All kinds of great curls and they lasted all day (and yes, she wore her girly curls with a black Star Wars Clone Wars T-shirt).  Here they are with a few ponies and ribbons.

We LOVE our Curlformers.  They are rather pricey but I did find a large bag of them on ebay for a bit cheaper.  And now I anticipate many more curl-filled days.


  1. Those are so neat! Her hair turned out so pretty. I remember sleeping with the hard pokey curlers in my hair when I was little.

    My daughter's hair is stick straight, she would love it if her hair turned out half as curly! Do you think they would work for fine straight hair? And were they comfortable to sleep in?

  2. Hey Cat!
    the curls look so pretty! where did you find those curlers?


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