Friday, August 6, 2010

Need to win something free? Try Giveaway Scout

I found this cool new website and I thought I would share it with you (I'm just nice like that). 

It's called Giveaway Scout.  It serves two purposes. 

1) If you are looking to win something for free (and let's face it, who doesn't like free stuff?!), you can go by their site, or import their widget (you can see it on the right column of my blog).  It lists all sorts of giveaways that you can enter.

2)  If you do giveaways on your blog, you can list either your blog or the individual giveaway post with them.  You'll be added to the giveaway list and you'll get increased traffic to your blog.

Sound like a good deal?  I think so!  And just because I don't think I typed it enough - giveaway, giveaway, giveaway! 

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