Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why I Love Target

In my last post (almost a week ago), I ranted.  So I thought in this post, I would rave.

So here is why I love Target (in no particular order):

-Target coupons - stack 'em with a manufacturer's coupon and a sale for an awesome deal!

-The snack counter up front - You can get popcorn and a drink for $1.50.  It either entertains kids while you shop or serves as a good incentive ("If you're good, you can get popcorn when we leave.").  Also, if you ask, they'll split one bag of popcorn into 2 half bags, so there is less fighting among the munchkins.

-The nice, clean, big carts that have the kids seats separate from where you put your items to buy.  In Walmart, at least one child always wants to sit IN the cart, which leaves no room for my stuff to buy.  Not so at Target!

-Family bathrooms - Got a boy and girl who both need to go, take 'em to the same bathroom.

-Toy clearance - The last week in July every year is toy clearance.  Toys go on sale 75% off and I get a jump start on Christmas shopping.

-Organization on Black Friday - I'm a huge Black Friday shopper and Target is by far the best organized.  They hand out maps ahead of time of where big ticket items are; they have carts located near the items so you don't have to drive your cart all over; they are fully staffed in the checkouts, etc.  It's very nice.

-Dollar spot - Yup, those aisles with dollar items - perfect for goody bags, class parties, cheap little Easter/Halloween/Valentine's Day gifts for your kids, including batteries.

-Their clothes and shoes - so much nicer than Walmart and Kmart and only slightly more expensive.

I could go on and on.  I really do love Target.  There are a few annoyances there but overall, I think it's probably the best place to shop around.

So which store do you love most?  What is the best thing about that store?  I'd love to hear your vote!


  1. I Heart Target too! I haverecently discovered that you can get some good deals at Krogers too if you know how ot match up sales and coupons!

  2. I love, love, love Target too. It's definitely one of my most favorite stores. The checkout drives me a little nuts - why do they put your bags so you have to walk around to put them in your cart. Annoying, when your trying to watch two little ones. However, every other aspect of the store makes up for it and when I score great clearance buys I love it even more!

  3. I agree with Laura, I like Kroger too! I get some good deals there, plus there you can use the coupons on your card with paper coupons, and they always double ANY coupon 50cents or under! (even if it says do not double).


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