Saturday, April 14, 2012

March Reading List

I'm reading 24 books this year.  Want to join me?  See the whole list here.

The two books on my "March Reading List" were Different Children, Different Needs by Charles Boyd and Face of Betrayal  by Liz Wiehl.
The main purpose of this book is to discover what personality type you are and what type your child(ren) is.  Using that information, you can better parent them to help them thrive.  Boyd uses the DISC method of personality testing.  With each personality type, he has chapters on what to expect from that type of person - both the parent and the child.  The book was informative, although a little boring.  And some of the examples were outdated.  The version of the book I was reading also had a smaller font and small margins.  It made it hard to read.  In short, read the book if you are really having a hard time with personality clashes in your household.  Otherwise, you can probably pass.

I decided to add Hand of Fate to my list as well.  Both it and Face of Betrayal are in the Triple Threat Club series by Liz Wiehl.  (I have reviewed the third and fourth books in the series as well.)  I loved these books. In Face of Betrayal, a senate intern has gone missing during her Christmas break back home in Portland, Oregon.  Thankfully, the newly formed Triple Threat Club is on the case.  From FBI agent, Nicole Hedge and federal prosecutor, Allison Pierce to their new resource, crime reporter, Cassidy Shaw, the Triple Threat Club must figure out where the intern is and what has happened to her.  As in any good crime novel, the ending will surprise you.  This book is well written and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

In Hand of Fate, controversial radio talk show host, Jim Fate, receives a lethal package addressed to him and dies in his studio during his show.  A personal friend of one of the Triple Threat, can they figure out who killed him and why?  Once again Wiehl writes a riveting crime novel with a cool twist at the end.

My conclusion - read them both, my friend, and enjoy.

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