Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cub Scout Patch Solution

David has been in Cub Scouts for a full year now.  He has progressed from Tiger Cub to Wolf Cub and has learned some great skills in the process.

He has also earned patches, a lot of patches.

When you are in girl scouts, you take those patches and sew (or iron) them onto the girl scout sash.
When you are in cub scouts, you don't.  The cub scout uniform is dressier and "fun patches" can't be put on the dressy uniform.

Therein lies the dilemna...what to do with all the patches.

Then my friend, Erika, gave me a great idea.  She bought a cheap photo album for her son to store all his patches in.

We did the same.

To start, I made David go on a patch hunt and find all the patches that have somehow scattered themselves all across the house.  Then we took bright index cards and taped the patches onto the index cards.  I let him write a few words about each patch, such as "sold over 300 boxes" on the popcorn sales patch.  We slid the index card/patch into the little pockets of the photo album, then taped them shut.  (As a scrapbooker, all the non-photo-safe products were making me cringe, but since there are no photos involved, I got over it.)

Finished product:

A cool, easy place to store current and future patches, as well as a fun project that David can do all by himself.

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