Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Fun: T-ball

For the third year in a row, David has participated in a T-ball league, a very low-key, fun T-ball league.

There are no outs, no strikes, everyone keeps swinging til they hit the ball, everyone makes it to first and then they go base by base when others hit the ball to go all around the diamond for a run.

David loves to be the last batter because the last batter gets an automatic homerun (since there is no one hitting after them, and there are no outs).

While I love this league and I love that my boy has a great time playing, I think next year, we are going to try a league with real outs and strikes.

Hitting contest.  David's hit was pretty good.

Sporting the new trophy.

Chilling with Papaw after the game.  Snack time is David's favorite part of the game.

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