Friday, July 20, 2012

Fire it up!

Every kid wants an IPad.
They see them in school, on TV, in stores... and they want one for their very own.
The only problem?  They are soooooo expensive.
And when our kids want something big like that, we make them save up their own money to buy it (we're mean like that).

It takes a long time to save up that much money when you only earn $5.50 a week.

So what did they choose instead?

A Kindle Fire.

And I think it was a wonderful choice.  At only $169 (refurbished version), it didn't break the bank and with it's smaller size, it's easier for little hands to hold.  Amazon gift cards make for an easy gift from parents and grandparents and can be used for apps to play with or e-books to read.

Parental controls are super easy to set up, making it so that parents have to put in our top secret password before any apps or books can be purchased.  (David thought he would be helpful and asked me to tell him the password so I wouldn't have to be bothered with putting it in for him.  So sweet, but kinda defeats the purpose there, sweetie.)

What else does the Kindle Fire offer?

Why a super cool, awesome box, of course.
Watch this video made with your 9-year-old host to find out what a Kindle Fire box is good for.

 (Julie wanted me to add that you have to cut the flaps off the top of the box to make the lid close.)


  1. Hey, we can't watch the video. It says it is "private." :-(

  2. Good Job Julie !
    Love, Aunt Val

  3. cute video! I like it, well done! :) -Robin