Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Natural Treehouse, Chattanooga style

We love visiting our friends in Chattanooga every summer.  In fact, it's our mini-vacation after our vacation that we look forward to every year.

Chattanooga offers so much to do and we tend to try a new thing each year.  We've done the aquarium, Coolidge Park, visiting the Nina (replica of Columbus's ship) and playing on several of the area playgrounds.

We also vastly enjoy playing with our friends' almost three year old son, Joseph.  He had never been bowling, so this year we decided to be there for his first time.

Isn't he a cutie pie!  
We were also impressed with this ramp.  We'd never seen one before.

It's a little blurry, but I liked the action shot.

We had a girls' day out and played around at Charming Charlie's, ate lunch at Chick-fil-a then bought some cheap books at a local used bookstore.

Playground tire dragon.  Love the look on David's face.

Slip 'n Slide fun

But the most fun thing about our Chattanooga trip?
The natural treehouse.
While we were there, they had a HUGE windstorm.  A tree across the street in a vacant area crashed down.  It didn't hit anything and no permanent damage was done, thankfully.  But more than that, Tim saw that tree and said "I'm taking the kids down there to play."  That was the kind of place he would play when he was a kid.  He was right!  It was a wonderful playground.  The children claimed their own "rooms" in the branches of the tree.  They took me on a tour and proudly showed me their sections.  Their "house" even included a meeting area where they loved to call meetings to discuss important things, like when to go in for drink breaks.  

The meeting place

Overall, we had great fun during our 4 days in Chattanooga and can't wait to visit again.  Thanks, Patti and Jon!

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  1. Oh fun! We're in Chattanooga too. It is a great place for families.