Thursday, August 23, 2012

June Reading List

I'm reading 24 books this year - books that I already had in my house.  See the whole list here.

So...I'm really late on reporting on my June books.  What can I say? Summer happens.  Kids are home, I have less time to read and even less to blog.

Way back in June, I was supposed to read Rebecca and Bringing up Boys.

Hailed as the best gothic novel of its time, Rebecca is a change from the genre of novel that I normally read. The second Mrs. de Winter arrives at Manderley, her new home, just weeks after marrying her new husband.  Expecting to be swept into the world of high class parties and friends, she is surprised when Manderley is more of a tomb than a honeymoon.  What secrets surround the death of Rebecca, the first Mrs. de Winter?

Knowing that this was later made into an Alfred Hitchcock film, I approached it with trepidation.  I really don't like horror stories.  What I found, instead, was a very boring book.  Seriously!  This book was so slow moving, I literally feel asleep reading it more than once.  It was more Jane Austen, less Stephen King than what I was expecting.  I did not finish it, so I never did find out the secret of Rebecca's death.  But that's OK.  Obviously, I don't recommend this book.  Maybe it gets more exciting later on, but it didn't hold my attention long enough to find out.

Reading this book didn't happen.  I still really want to read it, so it's going into my pile to read later in the year when I have a free minute.

Confession: It's August and I still haven't even started July's books.  I've decided to skip them and go on to August's books (which I'm half-way through the first one - yay).  Like the James Dobson book, they are going into the pile to read later.  Look for August's review at the beginning of September.

For August:  Not Too Busy to Pray and Betrayal in Paris.

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