Monday, May 13, 2013

Glimpse into last week

I finally have some downtime, some breathing room, some time to think and blog.  Last week was entirely too crazy.  Three big events went on that required lots of logistics and planning and lots of running around.  Luckily, I was only in charge of two of them (as if that wasn't enough!).  The third I wasn't in charge of.  I just had to help with it.  So here's a little glimpse into that crazy week.

Monday was filled with last minute errands and decorating projects for Tuesday's big event, the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon at school.  While my kids were at school, I went to get some donated flowers from Kroger, vases at the dollar store, and a gift basket from the gift basket place to give to a retiring teacher. Oh and did I mention that our family was completely out of food, so a large grocery run happened somewhere in there too.  I also had to fit in a trip to school to talk to the substitute janitor about setting up tables and chairs for Tuesday and to pick up checks from PTA.

In the meantime, I double checked on catering, and made sure my flowers to be used as table decorations and teacher gifts were still alive.  I cut apart cheap leis and hot glued the ends and covered LOTS of flower pots with checked fabric to use as table decorations.  Since Tuesday's lunch wasn't my only event of the week, I also checked on the ice cream truck and inflatables for Wed night's event.  Then I took my kids to piano lessons after school, made dinner, helped with homework, and got the kids ready for bed.  More decoration preparation (say that 10 times fast), loaded up the van, then fell into bed.  Phew!

Tuesday was the big day.  It was Teacher Appreciation Luncheon day and I was in charge of the whole shebang.  Thankfully, it went off without a hitch.

The food was good and there was tons of it.  The tables were simple but pretty.  Most of my helpers showed up (I've been doing this long enough to know there's ALWAYS people who cancel at the last minute), and I didn't get a single complaint from anyone.  At the end of the day, I was completely worn out, but very happy that it went well.

Tuesday night David had a baseball game that I really hoped would get rained out.  But, alas, no, they just played in the pouring rain - boys!

He makes a cute catcher, doesn't he?
Wednesday was my second big event of the week.  Why I planned these for the same week, I don't know.

The day started out with a VBS craft workday.  Since I'm in charge of VBS crafts this summer, I had to be there and tell everyone what they needed to do - cutting, paper mache, sorting, etc.  That lasted all morning.  I came home, ate lunch and thought I would lay down for a quick nap.  I ended up sleeping an hour and a half.  I was that exhausted.

On to the evening activities...I have been our Awana Commander for the last two years and Wed evening was our big Awana end of the year party.  The kids rotated around between an ice cream truck, inflatables and a movie.  Originally they were supposed to play kickball instead of watch a movie, but, of course, it rained, so we had to do some last minute scrambling to bring everything inside.  Once again, besides the rain, everything went well.

Thursday - Ah, relaxation day.  And as everyone knows, there's no better way to relax than to get a little blonder.  Highlights for summer?  Check!

Friday was our school PTA's big event of the semester, Family Fun Night, and I spent pretty much all day helping to set up for it and helping to run it.  We had a lot of things going all at once.  Like every good children's event, we had inflatables and food.  There was also face painting, popcorn and a cake walk.  We added in there a Talent Show (I might be biased but my little girl did GREAT in the Talent Show, showing off her mad piano skills) and last, but not least, our newest event, an art auction.

For the art auction, everyone in school created a unique, very nice piece of artwork.  We displayed them all and allowed parents to buy their child's (and only their child's) artwork for any donation that they wanted.  We also had each class create one large piece of artwork as a class and we auctioned those off to the highest bidder.  Those big pieces turned out fabulous!  Unfortunately I didn't win either of my children's big pieces, but I did get pictures of a few of them.

A fifth grade class's painting.  I thought this one was the best!

Julie's class painting - loved it, but bidding against some fierce competitors and didn't win.
Between baseball, running errands and Mother's Day, our weekend was no less busy than our week.

But today and tomorrow I can relax.  And blog.  And breathe.

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