Monday, May 20, 2013

Piano recital 2013

The craziness is almost done for the year.  We are on the last week of school - Hooray!  Life is calming down a little bit as we are almost to the end of our end of year activities.

This week was Julie and David's piano recital.  Growing up, I was in a piano recital every year for 10 years. I remember the excitement mixed with the nerves, wanting to play every note just right but never actually accomplishing that.  It's different being on this side of the equation, being a proud parent even when my kids don't get every note correct.  I understand a lot more why my parents would tell me they were proud of me even when I wasn't perfect.  I'm proud of my kids just for trying, for being brave and vulnerable in front of others and for learning a skill that not everyone can do.  I'm proud of them for practicing hard even when they didn't want to.

I'm so proud of them that I can't wait to share their accomplishments with you.

This year's recital was a little bittersweet as it's the last one with this teacher.  David has decided that he would rather play drums than piano, so next year we will be starting him in drum lessons.  Julie has become so advanced in piano that her teacher feels like she would do better with someone else, someone who can better show her piano technique.  So Julie will be starting with a new teacher in the Fall.

We have loved having you as a teacher, Mrs. Christy, and we will miss you!

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