Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here Comes Santa

In our family, we celebrate 4 Christmases (kind of like the movie, huh?). Christmas Eve is spent with my husband's extended family. 

Where we all get spoiled greatly.

Then Christmas morning, we open gifts here.  Santa brings one big present to each child and it's unwrapped so they see it first when they come out to the living room.

Meet Natalie, Julie's new best friend.  She's sporting her new High School Musical PJ's that Santa brought along with her.

In case you are not up on Preschool boy toys, this is the Handy Manny Toolbench for my little handy man.  Seriously, I decided the other day to take the babyproofing off of the kitchen cabinets.  I started unscrewing the first one and David said, "I wanna do that, Mommy."  So like any good mom, I handed my screwdriver to my 4 year old and he took off all the rest of the babyproofing for me.  Just yesterday, I bought new hardware for our bathroom cabinets and he installed it all for me last night.  It's good to have a handyman around :).

After our Christmas here, we went to Tim's sister's house for Christmas with his immediate family.  And, as expected, we got lots more presents (including a gift card to Home Depot - Woohoo!).

Notice Julie has Natalie with her.  She didn't leave her side for at least a week.

Then all we had left was our 4th Christmas - Christmas with my side of the family.  So it was off to my parent's house...

My adorable nephew, I couldn't resist showing you this picture.

All the grandkids actually staying still for a picture.

I also couldn't resist adding this picture of me with my sister and brother.  Especially, since they both read my blog :).

We had a wonderful Christmas and couldn't have asked for more.  I hope you did too! 


  1. It sound perfect but my gosh, you do all of that in one day?! That's whirlwind!

    You and your sibs are goofy. I approve!

  2. We have 4 Christmases too but ours are all spread out over 2 weeks. You guys must have been exhausted! It looks like everyhone had a great time though.

  3. We have years where Christmas' last from the beginning of Dec to the end of January. I love the picture of you and you siblings as well as your Santa nephew

  4. Ha Ha! My "silly face" picture has Matt actually MAKING a silly face too!


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