Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow Days go away, Come again some other day

What to do when your child has a snow day...

Or five...

And there's really not enough snow to go play in...

And it's in the teens outside, so you can't just let 'em go outside and play...

5)  Make a mosaic.  We happen to have a magnetic mosaic kit Julie got for Christmas, but you could easily make your own.  Just tear or cut up colored paper into little squares.  Start your picture in the middle and work outward.

4)  Make magic ooze.  Mix 1/8 cup of warm water with 5 tablespoons of cornstarch.  Mix with your (or your child's) fingers.  When you move it around slowly, it is like a liquid.  When you poke at it quickly, it's hard like a rock.  The more you squeeze it, the harder it gets.  Then when you let go, it just drips off.  This was very entertaining for about 30 minutes.  Use a tablecloth, though, because it does get messy.  And don't pour it down your drain when you are done.  It will clog it up.  Just scoop it into the trash.

3)  Go to the library.  Let your kids pick out books, but also pick some books for them that help stimulate their brains.  Because with all this time off, their brains might be turning into mush.

2)  Go visit a friend at work to let your child see what they do.  OK, we haven't done this yet, but we are trying to get together with my friend Erika for this.  So if you can work it out, it would be great.

1)  Take 'em to Grandma's.  We just might be heading your way tomorrow, Mom!

(There's one more I just had to put in there.  My daughter asked if she could unwind the vacuum cord and wind it back up over and over again.  Yes, sweetheart, if you are that bored, just wind away.)


  1. Great suggestions! I've never heard of the magic ooze, before. Sounds intriguing!

    Hope school starts up again for you soon!

    I see my old blog button on your site. I miss it! I need to make another, but I may have to wait a bit on that.

  2. Your magic ooze is what my kids and I always called ooblic. We actually still make that from time to time and they're OLD!

  3. 6) Send them over to aunt Laura's house to clean because we actually go to school in Bristol!

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