Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ice, and Princes?

We had such a good time visiting family that came in over Christmas break.  One such family was Tim's aunt, uncle and cousins from sunny Florida.  They wanted to experience cold (why, I don't know, I think I would take Florida sun right about now).  So we obliged and took them ice skating.  Keep in mind that we don't really have an ice skating rink here.  I live in a small town and we just get a temporary rink once a year at Christmas when the racetrack puts up their Christmas lights.  So our rink is in a tent.  It has a few little heaters, but pretty much, it's the same temperature as the outside just without the wind.

The day we decided to skate, it was a high of 32 F.  In other words, VERY COLD!!

But we bundled up and went and had a blast!  (Well, most of us, Tim would have been happier not putting those skates on :).  I do have to say that it had probably been about 10 years since I've ice skated, but I didn't fall down a single time.  I'm very proud of me.

Unlike me, David didn't stay upright for very long.  But, as a new skater and a 4 year old, I think he did pretty good.  And he had fun.

Julie had someone on either side of her at all times.  So she didn't fall quite as much as David did.

Now Tim, that's another story.  Poor guy was attached to the rail and still had trouble staying up.  He even took David down with him one time.  (David will be happy to tell you all about it, if you ask :).  Tim figures it was because he was so tall and had more to balance.  Hmm, don't know if I'm buying that one.  Whatever the reason, I'm very happy that he tried skating and looked so handsome while doing it! (Hey, it's my personal privilege to think my hubby is hot!)

This is how David has fun even off of the ice.

And there's me.  Trying to avoid being taken down by little kids (not mine) who liked to skate right in front of me and fall. 

Hope you enjoyed our, new to us, skating experience.  Have any fun winter activities you'd like to share?


  1. Looks like fun and very cold! Glad you all had a great time.

  2. Tim doesn't look hot... he looks cold!


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