Monday, January 25, 2010

Turning Point

I think I have reached a turning point in my life.  I might have missed it if I didn't look closely or notice carefully.  What is this great turning point you might ask?  It's just this.

See those bangs?  She has decided she wants to grow them out and at our haircut last Friday, we did not get them cut!!!  I won't say this is because her doll (there in her arms) doesn't have bangs, but it might be.

I almost missed the turning point.  But then I didn't.  For the first time ever she made her own choice about how her hair is cut.  Oh, she has been picky about how I fix it before, but never about how I've gotten it cut.

Sniff, sniff!

My little girl is growing up.


  1. wow she looks so much like you!!

  2. I'm a little nervous for this day to come in our house. My 4-year-old considers herself a bit of a fashionista so it will be interesting to hear her thought on her hair when she gets old enough.

    Maybe it's not the doll she wants to look like, but her mom? No bangs in your picture up there on the right. :)

  3. We seem to be coming on more and more of those moments and it does make you wonder where your little baby went!


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