Monday, July 5, 2010

Nicaragua Day 2


We started out the day as usual - breakfast, getting ready for church, orientation meeting in the eating room. I had started to get worried because we were supposed to leave for church at 9:15 (church starts at 9:30) but 9:15 rolled around and we were still in orientation.  Finally 9:40 hits and my dad asks what time we need to leave.  Oh, now, says our host when he realized the time.  But its OK, he says, you're on Nicaragua time now - where nothing is on time.  So it didn't matter that we were 45 minutes late to church or that the person preaching was with us.  They just kept on singing until we got there. 

It was interesting having a church service through an interpreter.  That was a first for me.  My dad preached and several people from our group stood up and talked before that.  After church we came back to eat lunch and I took a much needed nap that felt GREAT!

Then it was back to the church for a youth Bible least that was what was on the schedule.  While the "adult" (those more grown up than me) were planning the younger crowd (which I'll include myself in this time) went outside to play with the kids.  There was impromtu kickball, soccer, and volleyball.  It was so encouraging to see our youth having fun with kids.  Even when you don't speak the same language, you can communicate through play and sports.  It also amazed me that there were older Nicaraguan teenage girls - we talking 17 and 18 year olds - who were out there playing games like kickball and volley ball with the little kids.  I don't think I'd see that in the states.  They are all too busy texting there.  It was a refreshing sight.

I think we set a good foundation for building relationships this week, which is our main goal while we are here.  Today we have eaten breakfast and are getting ready to leave for our first full, long day of service.  Keep us in your prayers and stay tuned for more.

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