Monday, July 5, 2010

Party all Week

These posts aren't necessarily in chronological order - just wanted to get that off my chest to start out with.  I'm kind of a chronological fanatic, but I'm OK with this (deep breaths).

Every other year of my kids lives, I have been insistent that they have separate birthday parties.  When your kids have birthdays 6 days apart, this is hard.  It takes up 2 weekends to do "friend parties" and another weeknight or Sunday afternoon to do an "extended family party."  All that can get exhausting and requires about 2 weeks of our time.

This year was different.  We went to the beach over Julie's birthday which took up 2 of our possible party weekends in June.  My mom had the brilliant idea that I just have one BIG party with everyone invited - Julie's friends, David's friends and all our family. 

So I did.

And it turned out great!  We rented a pavilion at a local state park (for free), cooked out hotdogs on the grill (that I got on sale and had coupons for), got one really big Star Wars cake and a Darth Vader pinata and we had ourselves a par-tay!  I ended up spending about $100 to entertain and feed 35 people.  I thought that was pretty good.

Here are the smiles to prove it (Oh, did I mention that my kids are huge Star Wars fans now).

I think I might regret getting the kids those lightsabers ...

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  1. Oh, I am laughing out loud at your last comment. A few years ago, Santa got our kids light sabers. A few weeks later, after blood was drawn at least twice (not to mention a few non-bloody head wounds), I tossed all three weapons! That was the dumbest toy Santa ever got our kids! :-) I hope your children are less lethal with their sabers.


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