Thursday, March 8, 2012





I am gonna scream!

So remember the whole saga of the inefficient doctor's offices?

You remember how I've waiting SIX WEEKS for an appointment with a pain doctor.
Well that appointment was supposed to be today.
But could they really keep it and LET ME ACTUALLY SEE A DOCTOR!!!!????

Apparently the answer is NO.

Tim and I get there for my 8:30 appointment (and yes, he did take off from work to go with me which makes this story even more scream-worthy), only to find out the FNP we were supposed to see called in sick today.

OK, I'm not heartless.  I understand people get sick.
But I also understand that is why there is more than one doctor in a practice.

So I ask, as nicely as I can muster at this time, "I've waited 6 weeks for this appointment.  Isn't there someone else I can see?"

The receptionist looks at one other person's schedule - ONE!!!!! - There are 13 people on the letterhead.  4 MD's, 5 FNP's, a PhD, a PT and 2 other people with random letters I don't recognize.  And she looks at one schedule and says "Nope, all booked.  You'll have to reschedule."


Are you saying that after waiting 2 weeks for you to receive my referral paperwork, then 2.5 week to get me in your computer system, then another 2 weeks for my appointment, that you want to reschedule me????

Are you saying that even though I would have had to pay $25 if I didn't show up to this appointment, you can wait for me to take time out of my schedule and my husbands' schedule, and show up at your office just to tell me I need to reschedule???

Are you saying that you couldn't even call this morning to tell us the FNP couldn't see us?


So what did I do?

I grabbed my paperwork back and turned around and walked out.

I am NOT rescheduling with those people.  You couldn't pay me to go there.


  1. You need to watch this Seinfeld episode...

  2. Could you go to a doctor in another city like Knoxville or something?

  3. That is terrible Cathy! Thought Dr's kept a few certain time slots for things like this, like when they have to take another Dr's patients. I think they should at least pay you the $25 for breaking the appt with no notice. What about what Laura said, can you go to a different city to see a dr?