Friday, March 23, 2012

Good Things: Part 1

I just wanted to update you on some things in our lives.  Last week, we had some really good things happen and some really unexpected things.

My Health
I've written about how I've had unexplained abdominal pain for the last 4 months and how frustrated I've been with the pain specialists in my town.

Turns out, I just wasn't going to the right town.

One of my doctors, the one who really knows me and has been my doctor for years, got me an appointment with a pain specialist in the next town over.  She got me the appointment in two days!!!  Two days!!  After waiting 6 1/2 weeks for the doctor in my town and having them not show up on the day of my appointment, this doctor manages to get me in two days later and is actually there for my appointment.  Wonder upon wonders.

What's even better?

I finally have a diagnosis.

I have myofacial pain syndrome.  Basically, the way the doctor described it to me, I have two ab muscles (the iliocostalis and the rectus abdominis) that have been injured and they are constantly spasming.

Even better - it's treatable.  The treatment includes taking muscle relaxers and doing physical therapy.  I'm ready to get this thing better, so I have started physical therapy this week and have been faithfully taking my muscle relaxer.

I was told fixing this would not be a fast process but it is something that's fixable.  So I should not have to deal with the pain for the rest of my life.

Praise the Lord!

I am so glad to finally have a diagnosis and to finally have a doctor that knows what this is.


  1. glad you are finally on the road to recovery!

  2. So happy for you!! Muscle recoveries do take time, but like you said, thank the Lord it's treatable!

  3. I am glad to hear you are on your way to recovery !It's always easier to deal with something when it has a name.Knowledge IS power! Love, Aunt Val

  4. Oh I'm so glad to hear this! I have been thinking and praying for you hoping the answer would be simple and a quick fix. I'm so glad to hear you have a diagnosis and are on your way to recovery. Hugs!